Do you create content related to .NET? We're thrilled to welcome you!

Even if your content isn't strictly about .NET, but focuses on software development, cloud computing, AI, or any other tech-related subject, we're excited to feature your posts here!

How to add your site


  • A functioning RSS feed that can be accessed via the Internet.

Enrollment Process

1 - Visit my Github repository:

2 - The /data folder contain the current feeds utilized by this site.

3 - Create a new yml file with the following attributes:

  • Feed (required): The URL of the RSS feed.
  • Title (required): The name of your site.
  • Website (required): The URL of your site.
  • Description (optional): A brief description of your site's content.
  • Author (optional): The name of the site's author.
  • Language (optional): The language of the site.

Here's an example:

2Title: My technical ramblings
4Description: Technical ramblings from a software engineer
5Author: Carlos Pons
6Language: English

4 - Open a Pull Request and await our approval.

5 - Your posts will then begin to appear on our site.